Tung Yan Street

Audio drama and exhibition of displaced everyday objects
May – July 2017

Kwun Tong used to be a neighbourhood thriving with street hawkers where the circulation of daily commodities formed the strong social fabric that bonded the community close together. But ever since the area is being redeveloped, with the hawkers relocated to the unfriendly Interim Hawker Bazaar in Tung Yan Street in 2014, the bustling street life and hawker business has died down.

Looking to re-establish connections between the people and objects lost in time, Exploration Theatre staged a series of workshops, resulting in audio dramas that give voice to everyday objects travelling in the street hawker market.

I created a soliloquy for a piece of rubber that has fallen out of the favour of customers as well as its owner at Hoi Kee stationery stall in the interim bazaar, at a time when vintage stationery becomes fashionable among young people in Hong Kong. While the original shop moved to a much smaller space in the interim bazaar building, teenagers and young people have also grown to embrace lesser known products that give an impression of good taste. Noticing this change in customer preference, the stall owner also comes to sell these marketable products to boost the sales that has plummeted since the relocation. The perspective of the rubber reveals the adaptive strategy of street hawkers as objects of everyday use become associated with their symbolic rather than their functional value over the years.

Exhibition: 22, 23, 29, 30 July 2017 / Yuet Wah Street Playground, Kwun Tong


Listen to the story.